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Etna, Ohio -

Etna Township is located in the southwestern corner of Licking County and wholly in what was known as the “Refugee Lands.” This territory was not settled until 1815. About that date John Williams settled on what has since been known as the Matthews farm.

The town of Carthage, since called Etna, was laid out by Lyman Terrell in 1832. The National Road was in process of construction and it was laid out upon its proposed line between 1833 and 1834. Etna was like many other towns laid out upon this great thoroughfare having great expectations. Settlers followed the line of the National Road rapidly and soon filled up the town. Lyman Terrell first named the Village Carthage but when he was told that it was the highest point between Jacksontown and Columbus he renamed it Etna after the famous volcano in Sicily.